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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 595 – Your Emergency Plan to Making Money

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Quote: “Your mindset is the key to unlock your transformation.”

Friday: Big Money Small Change


There is one thing that has always surprised me… that’s when people are excited to have a “snow day”. Sure it’s fun to have time off.

But I’m speaking of “snow days” from school. OR you’re excited when the teacher lets you out early.

This baffles me.

You spend money for a class and then are thrilled when you don’t have to go! What kind of mindset is that? Its like paying for a dinner and being thrilled when they don’t bring dessert that you paid for… or you ordered a large popcorn and got a small.

You paid for it, you should be excited to get the full thing.

OK, enough of my rant, but I saw this post and thought to myself…



Start looking at snow days as your time to get ahead! It’s like a catch up day or even a day you can work on the creative things you’ve been putting off. But it’s a great time, not to lay around and binge on Netflix… but you can make more money!

Look at the post. They are closed YET they thought ahead and said, let’s use this snow (lemon) and make lemonade snow (not yellow snow, that’s gross… but I knew you were thinking it!) haha

Alright, but look at the possibilities.

Many other people are taking their snow day to hang out, stuck with down time, and you know down time is occupied by surfing time… so why not go a step further and have your snow-day file! Come up with a GOOD promotion, like a BIG discount on crap you want to get rid of and clearance it out… shoot out an email to your list, put the post up, take out an ad and run a flash sale.

If it’s snowing where you are but your customer is in the sun… it’s OK. Maybe they’ll feel bad for you.

PS: I’ve got a whole weekend of potential snow days so I’ll try this and let you know what happens!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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