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Tribeology.com – Episode #529 – And On Your Next Visit… Upsell without Upselling

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“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

Friday: Big Money Small Change

We’re going to take this idea “out for a spin”!  Get it? It’s a car theme idea!  haha

OK, on Friday we look for different ways to make small changes to create a big impact.  This is a great idea.  We’ve all seen the window cling in your car reminding you to bring your car in for it’s next oil change… that’s pretty routine.

However, look at this one…

This one has a reminder for Tires, Brakes, and Battery… three additional safety “wear and tear” items.  Three additional ways to serve your customers by courtesy checking their vehicle. AND three additional ways to make money that cost very little in additional time for a service crew to check out.

This type of care given to a customer helps convert them from “one and done” into Infinity.  It’s a great tribe building technique which helps to build the “trust” component of Know, Like, and Trust.


Because you’re checking the brakes, tires, battery and using this window cling as a reminder for their next visit.  In essence you’re showing you care.

Now the challenge is how can you do this at your business?  When do you have an opportunity to “upsell” your next product or service on a standard wear and tear without actually selling… Things I think about are birthday clubs or Christmas Registry… you are providing service and promoting loyalty without actually selling something.

I’ll guarantee with this technique now on your radar you’ll find your opportunity soon!

HINT:  I was at the dentist today, my face is no longer numb thanks for asking… but when done with the entire process the nice gal said, “Let’s schedule your next appointment” – I’m like WTF… I just was tortured and I need to come back???  (That was a little dramatic, it wasn’t that bad) – but I was seriously confused… then she said, “OK six months is June” I had this nice wave of relief flow over when I realized I was “done” and she was scheduling the cleaning.

But this too is a “On your next visit” opportunity….



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Try This”!
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