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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 433 – Whoof! A Free Bag of Food!

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“Nothing is more attractive than loyalty.”

Friday: Big Money Small Change

I had a busy trip to the dog food store.  OK, the fact that we now have entire stores devoted to dog food really puts into perspective how many people have dogs!

When I was a kid we used to just get the 25 pound bag of food at the grocery store.  My dad tells me stories of how when he was a kid their dog just ate whatever table scraps were left from dinner for the family.

Now a days… we have entire stores full of food for dogs.  Process that for a minute.  Wow.

Well, I went to the store and got his hoof, pig ear, treats, chew stick, can food, toppers and bags of food.

Did you catch that… bagSSSSSS of food.  When I was a kid… our dog ate kibble. That was it. One bag, one flavor.

Well, Mr. Pancake is a bit of a pampered “diva”.  This means he gets a bag of lamb or rabbit, or even kangaroo…. the thing that makes me laugh is that one flavor is called “beef” and not cow.  But back to my topic.

I enjoy going back to the dog food store, time and time again.


I’m in a magical frequent buyer club!

I do nothing to be in it except tell them my name AND EMAIL.

Occasionally I’ll receive a notice… but the big thing is… they log my purchases (I’m assuming that helps them send me Cow kibble fliers)  But seriously, I don’t have to carry a card to get logged as buying a bag of kangaroo kibble.

Now here’s the super crazy part…. I keep going back without receiving ANY discount.

I show up, buy $200 in items, and receive zero discount!

However, in the event, I continue to buy 10 bags of the same size product, eventually I’ll receive a free bag.  This happened today!  WOO HOOO free bag of food!!!

This is the big money small change trick… had they given me 10% off every time it would not be exciting, or drama building!  BUT, getting an entire bag of food, all at one time, for free… is like a BIG DEAL.

It’s a gift, it’s a present, it’s a FREE BAG OF FOOD!

It’s the same discount, 10% off on a single bag is actually saving all the 10% discounts to make one free bag, all at once!

BUT, if I stop buying, I get zero discount!

Loyalty programs are a pretty cool gig… but think about this whole “free bag” concept.

OH and you know what… each time I stop in I’m told how many more bags I need to purchase until “then next one” is free… so they help me”countdown” along the way.

PS: Mr. Pancake is getting rabbit tomorrow… he love rabbit… gonna be a happy boy!

Tomorrow come back for Try This Day!  PS:  Like my vibe? Join my tribe! start here


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