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Hashtag… Important! – Episode 451 – #doinginfinity

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“The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately.”

Friday: “Big Money Small Change”

On Friday and Saturday I love highlighting new or cool marketing things I’ve discovered from brands I use or that followers send to me…

Yesterday I opened my mail.  My dog collar arrived in a branded mail bag.  Inside the bag was the collar and a nice thank you post card.

One of my side hustles is that I embroider dog collars!  It’s fun to create a personalized collar for my customers.  I enclose a custom note and wrap the collar so it’s like receiving a gift in the mail.

Well… yesterday I received the gift!

This note was really cute.  But the detail I want you to notice is the lower left corner of the note…

Can you see it?

“We’d love to see your pet! #lupinepet”

Right on the thank you note it has the company hashtag!  Fantastic idea.  Super easy, and quite frankly, it’s free!  I think this is something we all should start doing!

Create a custom hashtag for your business (and for your events)

PS:  Please share your real world business success stories with us: #doinginfinity

Tomorrow… come back for this week’s episode on “Try This”!
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