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Episode #403 – Is It a Comfortable Wait?

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“Just sit back, relax, and do things to impress”

Time for Big Money Small change!  And I’m going to ask you to sit down… No not there… sit in the place your customers sit.

Have you ever checked out the view from your customers perspective?  It’s rare, right?!  We spend so much time just making out business “go” that we forget to “stop” and see what it’s like from their vantage.

The following are two photos I took from a Marina tour I was on last winter.  OH gosh, I love to say winter and have it snow free… the marina is in Florida.  But that’s why you’ll see Christmas decorations in the background.

I like looking at these two photos because they’re both sitting areas… they’re both at the same Marina… but you get an entirely different vibe from the chairs!

Who Knew?!?!

I’m sure you could “flip flop” the chairs with the scenery and it would be fine, your customers could take a rest and enjoy the view.  But the VIBE would be completely different.

This is such an important concept.  We want customers to sit, relax, and spend time with us.  This is not about taking any old chair and throwing it in the corner.  Use the opportunity to create an experience.  This doesn’t have to cost a lot… but the impression can be huge.

Think about the waiting area at your dentist office compared to the waiting area at your auto repair shop. Both are functional. Both allow you to sit and wait… but do they impress?

Remember, you want your customers to feel comfortable and like you want them to visit, but why not “wow” them at the same time?!


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Action Steps

1- Create a comfortable waiting area that evokes an experience!  Use this area to “WOW” your customers!  It can be used to reinforce your tribe’s vibe.
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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