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Episode #391 – Do You Have Change for a Penny?

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When life throws you pennies use it to make quarters!

Ever get the feeling you are not making any money?  Well… just like lemons make lemonade… they also make lemon cleaners, hair lighteners, and pie.  I’ve always thought it strange that the same produce that makes a good cleaner or bleaches your hair is good in pie.  But there ya go.

The deal is… if you make pennies, let’s figure out how to multiply the results.  When you make one penny wouldn’t it be better to tweek it and make 25x’s more?  YES!!!  That would be making a quarter.

The first way is to bundle.  Have you ever noticed that with the exception of scrapbook paper, you can’t buy just one piece of paper.  I just looked up the price of paper on Office Depot’s website.  A case of paper is $52.99  OK, let’s call it $53 for fun.  This includes 10 reams of paper.  In case you forgot… a ream is 500 sheets.  Now, 500 seems like way too much paper, let alone 5,000 sheets… but if you divide it out, that’s less than $0.0001 per sheet!

You simply cannot sell one piece of paper because we don’t have the ability to divide a penny that small!

This is why you buy a 6 pack of beer, 8 AA batteries, a dozen eggs, and so on…

Look around at what you sell and create bundles.  Maybe you have two great products that “go together” – then put them together!  It’s a fantastic way to increase your average ticket sale!


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