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Episode #276 – Learn to Sell!

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“If you’re not willing to put in the effort, don’t expect anything in return.”

I do not understand the lack of fundraisers these days.  I’ve heard of more school groups starting “go fund me” or what ever they’re called.  It drives me insane.  There’s a certain disdain for selling.

Sure… there’s a logical argument of not going door to door and selling stuff.  But what’s wrong with taking orders from family/friends or selling via a table at the grocery store.  When you learn to sell you LEARN.

When you expect a handout you become entitled!

Today’s inspiration is brilliant, you’ve got to put in effort!  I have a friend with two kids, one is very entrepreneurial and the other is not.  Neither is better than the other, they are just different.  But the non-entrepreneur has the opportunity to go on a big school trip – yet, the school “expects” parents to pay instead of offering fundraisers.  That’s just bizarre to me.

I recall making 1,500 in two weeks selling suckers as a sophomore in high school.  It was a fundraiser I did all on my own.  I raised enough money for a new costume and to pay for the hotel for our trip to nationals.  It is crazy when I look back, but it was all done 50 cents at a time!  I bought for 50 cents and sold for $1.00.

I’d sell 100 before school started!  Then another 100 throughout the day.   I was making $100 a day!  That’s absolutely insane when I look back…  The things I learned, inventory control, likes/dislikes of customers, supply/demand, and how much I liked money.

I would have missed this all if I had a “go-fund-me” thing.  Sure, the rational argument is that instead of parents buying wrapping paper, they’d rather just give money.  And that’s fine, but then don’t complain when kids are asking for a hand out, feel entitled, have no idea how to work for something, and finally, lack the basic skills to sell or even ask for the sale.   The parents need for “making it easy” robs the kids of the opportunity to learn from their efforts.

It makes me sad.

How does this relate to our “Big Money Small Change” topic.  The suckers were a complete impulse item. My classmates could have lived without them.  But since I had them, they wanted them.  Now… same goes for your check out area – make sure to have an impulse item sitting right there… maybe even suckers!  They are pretty and hard to resist by adults and kids!  It’s a very small item, but adds up quick!


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