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What Happens When Your Reality Does Not Match Your Brand – Episode 1040

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Thursday Topic: Your Brand the Content and Cash Ideas that Matter

  • Today’s Quote: “An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.”
    —Mahatma Gandhi

On Monday I talked about the why a 50lb overweight person cannot be the spokesperson for a weight loss product.  The reason is credibility.

Well, what about when you rent a product and you show the commercial photo of it… let’s say you rent boats… (ha!  Our family business does this, so it’s a great example)

But let’s say you want to rent a boat and you visit a website in search of the best place to get you on the water.

This place looks amazing, sure the photo is a stock photo of a red boat – but it’s beautiful.  Then you show up to find that red boat is actually blue and the interior has sun faded from white to cracked vinyl that’s a dusty beige.  Are you disappointed?  Yes.

This is where today’s quote is so important in the relm of branding… Your content and cash must match your reality or you’ll create a problem with the trust of your customers.

It’s no different from renting a hotel room that shows the beautiful remodel!  Only to find out that that is ONE room and the rest of the hotel is vintage 1980s.  Which some of us may really gravitate toward in teals and pinks… but if the photo shows a nice modern vibe, it’s likely to disappoint.

You can make all of the creative brochures, ads, and articles that highlight your new room remodel, but if you don’t live up to the offer you will disappoint.

Today, go through your website and see if your photos are matching your reality.  It’s easy to let time escape us. Pay attention to the backgrounds to see if there are outdated surroundings.  These are things that you may not readily pick up on – but they affect your branding.

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