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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 993 – Dead Traffic Alert

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Thursday Blog Topic: Infinity Customer –

Quote: “The best way to make a fire with two sticks is to make sure one of them is a match.” — Will Rogers


I was looking at my Facebook feed and something interesting caught my eye…

It was a post from a woman looking for advice.  She was wondering who she should hire to bring back a dead website.

Other people were commenting… “a social media manager” or “website designer”

My comment, “why are you driving traffic to something that’s dead?”


You need to sell the right product or you need to find the right people.

It really is that simple.  Let me explain…

Taylor Swift has something like 85 million followers… she can sell a T shirt in minutes.  OK, that’s cool. Right?!?!

But how many “The Super Secret Algorithm to Rocket Science”?  Yeah… not so much.

Why?  She has an audience of 85million… shouldn’t she sell a whole bunch? Well, not at all. 

You need to offer products for sale that your customers want. 


You have to find an audience that wants to buy your customers.

Finding a group of rocket scientists looking to better their knowledge would skyrocket the sales of your book.

So back to my original question… why do you want to drive traffic to a dead site?  If she loved the product, had a great deal of knowledge about the topic, and were attracting traffic that was new. 

Perfect!  She has a great opportunity to “revive” the site… but if she’s going to do the same old same old thing… it’s not going to work.

This is just a quick reminder that when you are thinking about how to boost traffic, match your source to the product, but decide:  product first or tribe first.

Both work, it’s just that attracting the tribe, reduces having to constantly find traffic. You instead get to focus on offering products they want!




Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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Tribeology: Learn It. Do It. Profit.  Decide who you want to work with, attract them, and sell them things they want to buy!  It really is that simple.


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