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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 885 – How R You Doin?

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Thursday: Infinity Customer

Quote: “Your brand is only as good as the experience you provide from it. If there’s a mismatch, customers won’t trust you.”


Have you ever looked for a used car online, found one that you loved with a great price, then you went to see it in person and it had a giant dent in the side?

OK, maybe not a dent – but there were lots and lots of scratches…

How did this make you feel?

Most likely it made you dislike the car, dislike the seller, and have little confidence in how it runs.


Because there is a disconnect in what you expected from the photos (image) that seller provided and what the real world experience happened to be.

The seller’s brand was damaged by this experience.

You see, the seller does not control the brand… the brand is controlled by the experience the BUYER has.

This is a very important distinction.

Often we think we control the brand.  We don’t.  We control the branding of our business or product, but the brand is controlled by the seller and their experience.

We can say our product is the most amazing performing experience ever… but if it’s broken when the buyer tries…that’s all that matters.

This is why reviews are important.

A customer review is actually a reflection of the brand.  Think about that for a minute.  Your reviews are a great way to see how your brand is doing.


You spend a lot of time branding by putting messages, images, and stories “out there” on social media and on email… but the reviews are also “out there” so that’s your report card.

So today, take a look at your branding and your brand and ask yourself, “how are your customer interactions doing?”



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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