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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 771 – Why It’s OK to Learn as You Go

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Quote: “We learn the way on the way.”

Thursday: Infinity Customers


Are you afraid?  Does it make you nervous to jump into email marketing?

Fear not!  Just start!

The crazy thing about this quote is that it’s true!  We learn our way as we go along.  Sure we need some sort of plan and training.  I mean there are some technical skills to acquire and laws to understand…


Much of what we are all doing is an art.  It’s trial and error.  However, with email you own your list. That’s what makes the “trial and error” acceptable.

Rallying and entertaining a tribe is fun because you’re attracting people you want to be around.  But more important is the opportunity you have to work with them tomorrow, the next day and so on…

You control the message you’ll send them AND you control vehicle.  When you create a list for email you’re in control, this is so much different from Facebook… you don’t control Facebook.  If they change a rule, dude, you can be out of business.

When you create an email list you send to everyone… now that doesn’t mean 100% will open, some messages will land in junk boxes… but you “own” the list.  I selected to say “own” in quotations because, while the name is on your list, if you’re hanging out with me we adopt a working philosophy that it’s a privilege to communicate with our list.


My point is this… start to view your list as an ATM.  When you respect your followers and then spoil them by providing great information they desire… dang, you get to offer them products over and over and over.  If you want to raise a little money, offer a product… this really works.

So while you might feel like you’re learning as you go… guess what… you are!

(and that’s OK)


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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