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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 735 – What Are You Really Selling?

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Quote: “Your passion leads to your purpose”

Thursday: Infinity Customer


Why are you doing what you do?

If you answer… money.  That’s not good enough.  You need a purpose.  You must be able to wake up every day and feel the passion for what you are doing – if it’s just money, it won’t work.

Sure you might have a “good run” of a year or several years in business, however, there will come a point where you wake up and dread getting out of bed.

You must have a passion for what you are doing.

NOW… this is different from having a charitable purpose.  One trend with companies seems to be when you automatically donate a percentage of sales to a cause.  You “passionately” promote this service based aspect.  It doesn’t make you money, but it does allow you to  be a “good person” and think beyond your own walls.

Maybe you have your charitable purpose only at the holidays — that’s OK too.

But, this is not passion. You may be passionate about the service aspect… but it’s not enough, and not enough to get you through the long days of trudging forward.

You must find your passion.

If you simply love to make money and the quickest route is to sell “stuff” and it doesn’t matter what the stuff is… again, one day you’ll wake up and think – why am I selling stuff.

If you are selling stuff it’s nearly impossible to blog about it with passion.  You might be able to say “sale sale sale” but you cannot possibly get to the heart of the product.

It’s like this… we sell a forklift service for boating. Think of it like a valet service, you call ahead and in an hour your boat is taken out of the warehouse and launched for your use.  When we stopped selling the mechanical aspect of the “forklfit goes into the warehouse, lifts your boat, drives, and lanches” OR when we stopped selling the benefits of “no algae build up, out of the weather in storms, no need for a trailer” and instead started focusing on the outcomes, we found our passion leads to purpose.

Our purpose if to help customers to go boating.  But our passion is boating.

Customers may only have 45 minutes after work for a cruise and they don’t have time to launch the boat, but they want the memories with their kids… we provide the means for memories.

When we started to sell our purpose – the passion fell into place.

In order to transform from “one and done” to “infinity” you must be able to get your customers to transform to a tribe with a common passion that you share with them.  The passion is critical to the Infinity Marketing Machine.   The passion keeps the wheel’s moving – but you know what – the purpose, your purpose is what you talk about… it’s the information.

If you are having difficulty developing topics for posts or stories for blogs – you are having a purpose problem.  Ask yourself “why am I doing this?” that will lead you to the passion — when you know your passion, that’s what’s attracting your tribe together with you.  Talk about things that support the passion!t

Again.. find your passion and you’ll find your purpose.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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