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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 697 – Free, Buy, Buy More!

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Quote: “Everything ultimately comes down to trust.” Marcus Sheridan

Thursday: Infinity Customer


Send me $39.

Did you do it?  Heck no.


Well, you don’t have my address… so that must be it!

Nah, it’s probably because you have Zero reason to send me $55!  I’d like to say it’s because you don’t TRUST me… That’s why we need to focus on trust and building trust.

We’ve discussed trust on many occasions.  Build your tribe by creating information they desire and give them this information on a consistent basis.  Your tribe will find this common theme, bond, and begin to trust you.

It’s nice to understand this concept, but let’s look at what I’m really talking about.

Buy this hat.


It’s a nice hat — it says “Doing Infinity” – it’s something you are interested in…

BUT… why buy it? – well because it matches this Shirt.

Buy this shirt.


Again, it’s a nice shirt, it also says, “Doing Infinity” – so since you’re reading this blog, you’re interested in this topic.  But again… why buy it?

Well, what if it were offered to people who own dance studios AFTER they stopped at my site to get a free brochure of how to increase sales at their business?

Get this free.


Would you be more likely to buy the shirt that has the “doing infinity” message AFTER you were just exposed to how to increase sales using the “doing infinity” technique?  And especially if that technique were presented in a free offer?


This is how the Infinity Marketing Machine works… you present an offer for free, then you offer something for sale that relates, and then offer another “something” for sale.

This is how it looks….

Free IP-offer

Buy  IG-Shirt

Buy MoreIG-hat

You build trust through the free offer and then ask to have someone spend money with you at step two and three…

It’s just a new way of thinking about your customer’s journey.

If you love how this works – you can learn it too.

You can try the same program on a free 14 day trial, just click Click Funnels

Did you see how I did that?  You can have 14 days for free (build trust) and then have someone click… AFTER providing information on how the entire system works with  my Infinity Marketing / Tribeology system of Free, Buy, Buy More!

AND if you go through, Free, Buy, and Buy More you will send me $39!

How’s that for cool?



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Infinity Customer”!

PS:  Like my vibe? I want you to join my tribe!  I love motivation and inspirational quotes… I have another site called PineapplesInProgress.com go sign up for the newsletter for FREE.



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