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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #588 – Share the Love of One Bouquet of Roses with 227 People

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Quote: “Share the Love”

Thursday: Infinity Customer

Happy Valentines Day!  I found this idea earlier this week.  I thought, this would make a great “Big Money Small Change” topic… then I thought, “Heck!  I can’t wait”

So here you go… When you are trying to figure out how to reach more people with your posts… why not start sharing the love yourself?

You see, I was flipping through my Instagram account and this beautiful bouquet popped up.  Normally, I’m not a big fan of the big Valentines Day – but this caught my eye.  It’s a really pretty picture.  OK I was tired to, so it was easy to comprehend.


Isn’t it pretty?  Then I noticed that a company, entirely unrelated to the floral industry, posted it  That made me curious.


So I opened their profile and I found lots of beautiful cakes.  It looks like they specialize in wedding cakes.  And there they have 8 cakes and that lovely bouquet of roses.

Maybe they received the flowers?  So I read the post.  The post was short and talked about getting your flowers from a near by vendor.

OH… now I got really curious.  They didn’t actively tag the vendor, so I needed to do a search – but I found them! And started creeping their profile.

Sure looks like a florist that features some beautiful arrangements.  Annnnnnd there it is, that lovely arrangement of Valentines Day Roses.  It’s their most recent post.

That made me click the link in their profile… why?  OH my curiosity was at a 52 on a scale of 10.. I needed to see this journey through (Ha it was like “back in the day” when we used to surf the net)

But I digress.  The website link went right to the page with the ability to order the Valentines Day Roses.

So what did I learn from this journey?  SHARE THE LOVE!

Be friends with your vendors and business that you compliment.  I can only assume that the bakery and the florist regularly meet onsite at weddings and other grand events.

They have many “cross over” customers so why not help each other.  Develop relationships with your vendors, not just recommending them. Actively post their business.  IT’s OK – remember this is SOCIAL media.  It’s the opportunity to strengthen your bond and build your tribe by positioning yourself as a Subject Matter Expert.

The example of the flowers and the cake is something you can do.  It demonstrates the infinity principle we strive for!  When you volunteer your audience to a colleague you both win.  They receive increased business, you receive increased good-will and expertise with your tribe.

If the florist stuck to their crowd, they would have posted to 92 followers, but with the help of the baker, they increased their visibility by the 135 followers of the baker.  These are people in their location.  It’s an ideal and natural partnership that comes with social proof of the entity posting.

So on this Valentine’s Day – look for and build vendor relationships you can “cross-promote” And “Share the Love”

Happy Valentines Day!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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