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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 576 – Learn the The Best Secret of Infinity Products

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Quote:  “Limits only exist in the mind”

Thursday: Infinity Customer

Welcome to today’s fourth C!  We’re talking about customers and mixing it up with infinity… and I have been very excited to share this story with you.

On Sunday I was at the boat show, working the booth for our family marina… and the show was winding down.  I had talked with a “mover and shaker” in the industry over at her booth and I said, “if you need a speaker for your conference… I’d love to speak!”

We had a great conversation about marketing.

Here’s the fun part… I explained what all of you already know… I explained infinity products.  Her assistant was sitting there and her eyes got really big when I told her about my ice blue sweatshirts.

My ice blue sweatshirts were a promo I did last week on Pontoon Girl.  I said, I created a “blue theme” and offered the sweatshirt as a part of the fun.  And yes… a I sold a few.

So the assistant said, so that’s good, how do you pick what sizes to have in stock.

This is the “eyes get big” secret.

I said, “I don’t have inventory”.  As all of you know, infinity products are AMAZING.  I created the design and sold the concept.

Here’s the actual promotional piece…

So I explained, that you don’t need inventory when you practice infinity products online, you can actually conceptualize the idea and sell it.  If it doesn’t sell, go back to the drawing board and try something else.  But when it does work… it’s super fun.

Here’s the actual product!  I took a photo of one of the ordered sweatshirts before I shipped it to the customer.  Now, I have a “real” product photo.

Now my job continues to infinity!  I just get to sell it over and over… and the color rocks!  It’s super pretty.  My favorite!

Your turn, there are many many design websites out there where you can conceptualize a product and sell it to your email list.

Did you catch that?  Sell to YOUR email list.  You’ve got to cultivate your tribe via an email list.  Creating products your list wants to buy via Infinity Products makes all of your hard work rewarding.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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