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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 498 – Get a Room!

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“There’s always room for improvement. Get a room.”

Thursday: Infinity Customers

It’s always risky naming a post “Get a Room” but when we look at today’s inspiration it all makes sense.

When we are building a tribe you’ve got to speak to them… HA!  I’ve now jumped from “Get a Room” to speaking about your tribe.  It’s getting a little strange at my keyboard.  Then again, I did write this on Halloween night.

OK. Back to normal.

Each Thursday our main goal is to learn how to better connect with our customers and turn them into a loyal tribe… to do this we need to speak their language… and this means we need to become the “vibe behind our tribe”

You need to be this person.  You must be the Leader.

Today’s inspiration states there’s always room for improvement – thus “get a room” meaning… always improve.

So Halloween at Noon I was at Subway and it hit me.  Carving Pineapples.

WTF is she talking about now.

Well… I have a site on the back burner which I’m currently cultivating.  It’s called Pineapples In Progress.  You see… I’ve always felt that there are times in life you need a crown.  I mean… doesn’t vacuuming just sound TOTALLY better if you’re wearing a sparkle crown?

That idea became a solid “run with it” idea when I came across the mantra “Be a Pineapple… Stand Tall, Wear a Crown, and Be Sweet on the Inside”  However, let’s face facts, not every day we’re feeling “pineapplely” – and that’s why, vacuuming while wearing a crown, just might make you feel a whole lot better.

Back to carving pineapples.

I was at Subway and getting ready to post my PineapplesInProgress.com Midweek Motivation – when it hit me.  The one I was going to post was a normal inspiration and THIS WAS HALLOWEEN.  I just wonder if anyone has ever tried to carve a pineapple like a pumpkin…

Sure enough I found a photo!  A very cool photo… and then it hit me.

You cannot carve pineapples.  It’s like trying to fit into a crowd by imitating… and yet you can be a good pineapple that imitates a pumpkin BUT you’ll never be a pumpkin.


Inspiration: “Somedays I feel like a lost puzzle piece tryin to find where I fit in this world.

I LOVE THIS.  I totally “got a room” and ran with it.

My only problem was… how do I share it with YOU.  I had already posted my Midweek Motivation for here… but I really wanted you to see it.

So there you go.  When you are building your tribe, really go deep into the vibe, and love them.  You just might find out that “carving a pineapple” is magic!

Be the vibe behind your tribe.

Also… never be afraid to run with a last minute idea… “Get a Room”!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Money Small Change”!
PS:  Like my vibe? I want you to join my tribe! start here


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