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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 443 – Good Times 10!

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“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” Peter F. Drucker

Thursday: Infinity Customer

It’s VERY hot outside. You just took your dog for a walk with the sun beating down on you.  You’re sweaty, hot, dusty, cranky, and tired.  You open the door to your house and the air conditioner is out.  It’s thick stale air. Perfect for that refreshing mug of… hot chocolate.


Tribe building is exactly like that mug of hot chocolate.  While you are correct that your tribe wants something to drink… you need to make sure it’s what THEY want to drink!  After a walk a refreshing glass of water would be excellent.  Hot chocolate better suited for the late fall football game.

Our goal with the Infinity Marketing Machine is to build a tribe that we can market products to that they will buy.

I started to read a great book today – it’s called Expert Secrets.  The book highlights how entrepreneurs use tribe building to their advantage.  Now, I’m not sure it’s for you, but… I’ve found it’s message very inspiring for small business owners ready to carve their own path in this new marketing world!  If that sounds like you, give it a peek… there’s even an offer to grab it for free if you just pay for the shipping.  Kinda cool eh?

That book is the type of product you want because you’re part of my tribe!  My goal with this blog is to gather people that are interested in learning how to build a tribe!

On the other hand, if I told you all about the perfect “resume boot camp 3-day experience” where you learn how to tweak your resume to guarantee you a new job by Friday, it’s no different than giving our summer dog walker a cup of hot chocolate.  You have a business, you are a business owner, there is no purpose to develop a “perfect resume” to have a new job by Friday.

It’s a great offer, but to my readers it’s a “bad” offer.  Does that make sense?

Making a perfect tribe/info match is like cookies and milk.  Cookies are good and milk is good, but put them together and it’s good times 10!

When you have a tribe and you offer them something they want… WOW!  That’s Good times 10.

I successfully tested this process with an offer to my boaters.  I suggested “aqua water mats” to them in an email. The result?  I made $1,800 in two hours because it was a perfect product for my tribe.

You can do this too… just really get to know your audience and offer cool refreshing water, or hot chocolate, just make sure you’re thinking “cookies and milk” when you do it!

UGH I think I’m hungry.

Tomorrow… come back for this week’s episode on “Big Money Small Change”!
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