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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 999 – WOW

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Wednesday’s Blog Topic: Midweek Motivation –

Quote: Keep practicing until your Wisdom turns into your Habit


The last couple weeks have been a blurr… We have had lots of things going on at the marina. 

It’s always difficult to make the transition from winter to spring and to summer at the boat yard, but this year it was compounded with COVID and all of the new policies and procedures to develop and implement.

The sun came out and so did our customers.  But then last week… last week it was the riots. 

No amount of preparation could have prepared me, well anyone, for the last couple weeks… but the one thing I’ve got to say is that I kept going and posting daily.

SURE some were a little late.  OK very late… but you know what, at one point last week I said, “nope, not gonna get a post done” and then something kicked into overdrive…

My habit and the goal to make it to 1,000 posts… OH heck yeah, on the eve of 1,000 I’ve gotta say for Midweek Motivation make a goal and develop a habit.  It’s the thing that will keep you going when your time gets completely occupied!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Infinity Customer”!

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