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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 867 – The 10 Year Old On the Playground…

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Wednesday: Midweek Motivation


Quote: “Every morning you have two options, continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.”


Ya made it!  Another decade.

AHHHHH and I promised myself I wouldn’t write the “decade” thing… it’s been annoying me because it’s EVERYWHERE.

The end of a decade, yeppers…. and on to the next.

The only joy I got out of the deal was a snicker when I thought about my cousin who’s 6 months older than me and just turned 50… so as of today he’s experiencing his 7th decade while entering his 6th decade of life… as for me, the “young one” I’m experiencing my 6th decade while still living my 5th decade of life. Take that for making fun of me when we were 10 years old on the playground in elementary school!

But it’s also a day of, “what the heck comes next, right?”

A couple days ago I mentioned that I made my resolution of 2019 by FINALLY recording one actual on camera session.

Rolling eyes. It was easy. I really shouldn’t have put it off that long…

But what else, what’s next, what the heck.  That’s so much to process, right?

It’s quite simple.  Get up and go after the dreams you have.  Set things in motion today that by the end of the week will be a success.  Then next week repeat.  And next month repeat.  Just keep going.

Small. Baby. Steps.

And don’t even get me started on the wholy crap moment of the day.  You realize that it’s been 20 years since the Y2K… and that went super duper fast and that means 20 years have flown by and that means 2040 will be here really really soon… and I’ll be living my 7th decade… but my cousin will still be “one up” on me at experiencing his 9th decade.  (that my friends was another shot at that WHOLE 10 year old on the playground thing… believe me he deserves it).

Happy New Year!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Infinity Customer”!

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