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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 752 – Start Now – Don’t Put It Off!

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Quote: “Don’t rush into procrastinating.”

Wednesday: Midweek Motivation


OK – I’m in a sneaky silly mood with today’s post.

But what ever you do… don’t rush into procrastinating!  You’ve got to ease into it.

And this topic makes me wonder if your goal is procrastination… can you actually achieve it?  I mean the act of procrastinating is to put stuff off so if the goal is to put it off, can you actually put it off?

OK wait! I’ve got a point.

I’ve been listening to an amazing book.  It’s about achieving any goal you have and creating miracles in your life… real, authentic, miracles.

So how the heck do you do that — when this author has twisted my thinking.  The person you become by creating the goal and moving toward achieving the goal is as important maybe even more important that actually achieving the goal.

The author also goes on to say that you must focus your energy on ONE goal. Which is much like my most recent post about focusing on “one kick” – when you spread yourself too thin you never achieve any goal – you just get “stuff” done.

So back to the original quote… can you actually achieve the goal of procrastination?  Yeah, I’m not sure… but if you’re living your best life and procrastinating is the goal, just work toward it, be the best procrastinator you can be and whether you actually achieve procrastination you’ll transform your life into being a good procrastinator, start now!  Don’t put it off.




Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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