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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 734 – Sometimes the High Road Sucks

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Quote: Want to avoid the crowd? Always take the high road.

Wednesday: Midweek Motivation

It’s easy to yell back.  It’s easy to put someone down.  But it takes some serious skill to rise above the ugly.

Some days are harder at your business than others…  Let’s use the example of online reviews to illustrate how the concept of the “high road” is important.

In the WAR of online reviews… the least crazy person sounds most credible.  For example… I have a bad review from a guy… it was 3 years after the incident that he posted… Well… since he’ll never see this blog.  I would love to write, “Yeah, how’s the DWI… since you were so drunk I called the cops as you drove away” — but is that necessary?  It would feel good to make that my reply (oh whi am I kidding, that felt good to type) but again, he’ll never read it here and I feel comfortable using it as an example for you.

It makes more sense to let him rant and just not comment.  I know, some would disagree and say you need to comment… there are times that silence IS a response.

Another example, the last couple weeks have been SUPER difficult for me. Lots and lots of math and cross checking.  You own a business, you know that means something ain’t adding up… which is typically an inventory shrinkage problem.  It sucks, you have things like this that happen, but guess what, the high road is difficult because the argument, put downs, and mud slinging is easier.


Sometimes you need to grin and suck it up.  In other words, take the high road.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Infinity Customer”!

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