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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 648 – Pick One!

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Quote: “Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions”

Wednesday: Midweek Motivation

Make a decision.  Just make a decision.

When you feel frozen you’ve got to dig deep and decide.  It’s going to sound trite but a non-decision is actually a decision.

When you feel paralyzed and can’t “see up” – you can stop, analyze, and make a decision – but honestly it’s not that easy – I say… just make one.

Trust me, nothing is so dramatic that one decision on your desk will change your direction… OR will it… if you make that decision you set the wheels in motion for more change!

BUT you are in control.

I’ve had a rough week.  It’s spring which means it’s CRAZY.  While lots of people are excited over the nice warm weather – I’m on a time crunch…. we have a family marina and I’m hiring AND signing contracts for new customers.

The time is now for me.

In 6 weeks it’s too late we’ll be in the full swing of summer… so I’ve got to make decisions right now.   Here’s your take away from my situation.  In 6 weeks it’s too late.  I’ve got a BIG time deadline – but my desk is a disaster full of post-it notes.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter which comes first, there’s no prioritizing – it’s all a “do it now” situation – so just jump in and pick one.

And that’s what I’ll share with you.  Come up with your one deadline the “it’s too late after this date” and just “pick one”

As soon as you get momentum – the rest falls in place.



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Infinity Customer”!

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