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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 431 – Goal. Plan. Go… Even If It’s Slow.

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“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”

Wednesday: Midweek Motivation

Do you have a plan?  It might be about your family, your business, or your health… but I’m just curious if you have a plan.

The reason I ask is because when you’re frustrated it’s often because you haven’t put any sort of goal in motion… a.k.a. a plan.  A plan is just a goal in motion!

And when something is in motion… it’s great!

I’m extremely busy right now, the reason… it’s summer!  We have a lot going on at the marina but I also know this… September will be here in 15 days and that’s when people, believe it or not, start Christmas shopping!  I do several things online that are all about the holiday shopping season… so I have a different goal right now.

It’s a personal goal…

And that’s to get my websites under control and ready to go for winter!  This is difficult with everything I’ve got going on, but, if I make a plan and regardless how “slow” it’s going toward accomplishing my goal… I am making progress and you know what????

I feel good about it!  Regardless of how slow it’s going right now… I am making progress toward my goal.

SO for you today, get yourself a reality check and see what is frustrating you, make your goal and just make a little progress EVERY DAY toward making it a success!

Bite size… slow and steady… but just keep going!

Tomorrow come back for Infinity Customer Day!  PS:  Like my vibe? Join my tribe! start here


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