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Episode #364 -The Nagging Ideas are the Best Ideas!

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“If you can’t stop thinking about it… don’t stop working for it”

The best idea you have is the one that never leaves!  We’ve all had them, especially entrepreneurs.  There’s a special product or service you want to develop, maybe it’s a policy or procedure… but the idea is there.

Sure, it seems like a big or daunting task… yet, there it is.  Right in the center of your target and you for some reason keep circling back at it.

It’s funny, but this type of idea can be one you’ve decided to plan to attain OR it’s just a thought you find important… either way, if you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t.  Just get out there, make the decision and go for it.

You can have great success with ideas like these.  There’s a reason it’s nagging at you or seems just unattainable… and it’s not to drive you crazy!  It’s because in your gut or your mind you just know it’s right.

At that point, your subconscious has decided to make it happen, it’s just your conscious that needs a little help.  Figure out why you are pausing… is it because it’s out of your comfort zone?  As I’ve said before, make a plan for achievement and break it down into smaller pieces.  If you need inspiration with your goal attainment path, just check my website.  Otherwise, I’m giving you permission to jump in and make that idea a reality!

PS:  I just did this today… I bought a very cool domain… you’ll find out soon – but this idea has been nagging at me for a long time and now I’m one step closer!  Yea!

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