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Episode #280 – You Want a Positive Life… Do This One Thing!

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“A negative mind will never give you a positive life”

Today’s post was hard.  It was hard to start.  I just really didn’t feel like writing!  That’s an irony since today’s topic is Midweek Motivation.

I knew I just had to write… but about what?   Well, I was unmotivated.  Absent of a topic and knowing you didn’t want to hear a rant about unmotivated Wednesday, I did a search.  I simply searched “unmotivated”

And I got today’s inspiration.  All it proved to me was, it’s OK to be unmotivated as long as you’re honest.  You need to be honest with yourself.

You see… if I had filled my head with a bunch of lies about “hating writing” or “can’t find a decent topic” I would have been on the downward spiral to negativity.

Instead I simply admitted I was unmotivated and went with it.  This is a wonderful quote and something you should print out and put in your favorite place to see everyday.  You need to remain positive. You need to fill your head with positive images and thoughts.

Your mind is super powerful… we don’t even know the full impact of our surroundings, but… I worked at an ad agency as an intern during the last century (haha) – and we did a study for music.  We wanted to learn the impact on emotions.

The overwhelming, I mean OVERWHELMING result was… people use music to put themselves in a mood vs. listening to music to remain in a mood.  How’s that for the power of the mind.  I think that’s why it’s called “party music”.

Negative thoughts will never allow you to have a positive life.  So… today…. try on a positive mind!

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Action Steps
1- Today, make an effort to think positive thoughts, whether it’s what you read or listen to… just be conscious of the messages you feed your brain.
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