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Episode #238 – If Your Goal is to Eat Noodles and Take a Nap, It’s Time to Get a New Goal.

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“If you’re still looking for that one person who can change your life, look in the mirror.”

Looking for a pick me up? Look in the mirror!

I just heard a collective group scream.  haha — but seriously, why are you looking for motivation?  I mean, it’s good to get a boost, but really you have everything you need to “keep going”.

Sure, some days may be a little more difficult… I mean, in Minnesota right now its getting dark out much earlier.  Daylight savings ended and all I want to do is eat noodles and take a nap… pretty sure I want to hibernate.   But I still can stay on track by some simple techniques.  I’m taking every effort to make sure I have a list.  Before I go to sleep, I create that list of three things I need to get done the next day… that’s a quick and easy hack.

But more in depth strategic planning includes…

First, decide what you really want.

Second, set the goal using SMART goal setting.  When you have a time-bound strategic plan you will achieve your goal.  It’s one of the best techniques out there!  Check out my website for a quick reminder.

Finally, when you attain that goal… celebrate!  (and plan the next)

You’ve got this. Just dig deep and stick to your goals.  For today – set one!  Get that motivation from one goal achieved!   (As long as it’s not to eat a noodles and take a nap)

Happy Wednesday.

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Action Steps
1-  Set a goal that you will achieve today!  You need quick inspiration… do this now!
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