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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 872 – Forklift Magic

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Tuesday: Content and Consistency

Quote: Find your niche and fully exploit your unique strengths.


Yesterday we talked about being a Subject Matter Expert in a specialty.   The same advice holds for the content you create and customers you attract.

You need to find your niche.

The best thing you can do is find your unique selling proposition (USP) – the USP is the thing that makes you… YOU.

My dog is a unique soul.  He has many “moods” and regularly goes to doggy day care.  I love it because he gets really tired.

However, just like a human… there are days that Mr. Pancake is moody.  I’m not kidding — he doesn’t want to listen and occasionally I’ve said, “nope… no day care today” – but there are times, I’ll bring him and just say, “it’s a Pancake kind of day”.

The employees all know what that means.

I refer to it as “the magic that is Pancake”

Well… you need to find your magic.  The USP is your magic!  It’s the thing that makes your business special.

Maybe it’s a clean bathroom… or a bathroom with music… or a bathroom that tells jokes.  I went to a restaurant in California that had a joke track playing instead of music.  It was awesome.

It could be the theme, vibe, or feeling you get when you visit a business.

At the marina, our USP is our forklifts.  We have a service where we launch boats, like a valet service, but we do it with a one-hours notice.  However, when you visit, you will see the forklifts… for kids it’s a big deal… for adults – they’re also impressed.

But forklifts are the thing that make our marina different from other marinas around our lake.

When we make content we focus on forklifts.  It is the magic that is us.   Our literature has forklifts, our website has forklifts, our letterhead… and even our sweatshirts.

Find your USP, make it your magic, and include it in your content!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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