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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 854 – What Time Does Your Dog Go Out?

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Tuesday: Content and Consistency


Quote: “Commit to developing positive habits for success and happiness.”


What time did you get up?  Did you make your bed?  What did you have for Breakfast?

These are probably easy questions to answer — and Monday to Friday it’s probably fairly consistent answers…

However, on the weekend or holidays – you may get up later and eat fancier.   Then you feel sluggish and it might be hard to get to sleep for Monday because you woke up late Sunday….

Why is this the case… because you broke pattern.

I love to think about my dog when it comes to consistency.  Often I’ll be working on my computer and without fail, at 10:00 he starts putting his head on my hands so I can no longer type.  To him, when he hears the sound of the TV news, it’s time to go out for potty and then sleepy time.

If this doesn’t happen, he gets very agitated.  Because his habit is broken.

Think of your social media the same way.

You’re not creating content for the heck of it, or to check off some imaginary check list.  You’re creating content to engage and teach your tribe. They want to hear from you.

When you are inconsistent they get agitated like my dog, or they get off pattern like weekend sleep schedules.

Keeping a consistent schedule of information flowing to your tribe is the best way to build trust. They know what and when to expect a message because that’s what you’ve always done!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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