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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 842 – The Hip Bone Is Connected to the Tribe Building Bone… Really It Is!

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Tuesday: Content and Consistency


Quote: “Be your own motivation.”


One of the hardest thing to do when you are creating content is not actually writing or filming one episode… it’s the 72nd… in a row.   Being consistent, despite your best effort, is a chore.

Knowing that… how the heck do you deal with it?

Well, there is a part of you that has to WANT to create content.  (roll eyes).  Yep it’s that simple.  But in simplicity is a terribly complicated issue and that’s “what is your motivation.”

However, I’ve always felt it better to understand “WHY” instead of “WHAT” — For example, if you’ve been following the journey of my mom in the past couple months, you know she took a fall and broke her ankle.

She’s spent quite a bit of time on bed rest and also in a wheelchair due to the non-weight bearing doctor’s orders.  As it heals.. she now has lots of physical therapy exercises.

PT exercises are great, if you do them.  And they’re painful, hard, and kind of seem “pointless”… right?  At the beginning when you’re laying on your side doing leg lifts they seem silly.

My mom knew she should do the exercises, but wasn’t super “on board” with the entire process.  Her “what” is to walk.  She will do the exercises because she wants to walk… but WHY is she doing the specific exercises?  I’m not referring to the why of spending time with grandchildren, or going golfing with friends… I’m talking even more basic.

Why the heck am I doing THIS exercise where I clench my glutes or clentch my lower stomach muscles?  It’s my friggin ankle that’s the problem….  Don’t laugh… if you’ve hurt ANYTHING, like your back, hip, foot… you’ve done this tummy/butt clentcher PT exercise and at the time it seems bewildering.

My mom today said, “this just seems so dumb.”  And I realized she had no idea WHY the exercise was important to her “what” goal of walking.  As soon as she understood that core strength starts with the tummy/butt clenches and core strength is vital to making the hips move for walking… BOOM.  She had a new motivation.

Now that’s a long example, however, when you’re writing content… it’s not that you’re torturing yourself to write or even film an episode just because you want to be consistent… NOPE.  It’s about the communication aspect with your tribe.  They NEED to hear from you to develop a level of trust with you and the consistency is super duper important because if they’re going to invest time with you they want to make sure you’ll stick around!

Much like the butt bone is connected to the hip bone is connected to the walking bone… the content bone is connected to the consistency bone that’s connected to the trust bone.

And all of that is connected to the tribe building bone.



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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