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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 776 – Make Your Content Last

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Quote: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

Tuesday: Content and Consistency


Are you working hard?  We all like to think we work hard… but here’s a scoop. You’ve got to work harder.

I’m not talking about your physical output today.

I’m talking about your planning for tomorrow.  And this is a biggie… if you spend your time creating posts and throwing them on Facebook will people find them next week.


People don’t look on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram for information they seek.

Start spending time on your website!

Yes… I’m a strong supporter of email for your social side.  However, think about this.

Create a webpage about your product — then send an email that links to it.  You get the benefit of the email to your list AND you get the benefit of adding content to your website.

This is a fantastic way to work harder.  You put your efforts into the never ending content storage facility that is your website.

For example, let’s say you have a jewelry store.  This weekend is the local festival and you will be having a sale.  You’ll easily create a post to welcome people to your store for the sale…


What if you create a page on your site that talks about the festival.  People that shop at your store also like the festival and they like that YOU like the festival. Now when you write the post about your sale – you link to the page you created about the festival.  It’s a win-win.

Now here’s the fun part — this page about the festival becomes a searchable part of your website and it’s always there – anytime you mention the festival – you have a “ready to go” page about it!

Sure it’s “harder” to make the page about the festival – but it’s a FANTASTIC use of your time.

So today, make a list of 20 topics to create pages for – anything from safety or gift ideas, to festivals and your business history – just create the list and write!

Have fun with this content booster.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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