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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 733 – Is this a Plain or Chocolate Milk Moment?

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Quote: “Success takes two things consistency and dedication.”

Tuesday: Content & Consistency


Imagine if it were 8:00pm and you needed milk… you get up from watching TV, hop in the car, drive to the convenience store and they’re closed.

You’d be mad, disappointed, and confused.

You want milk!  It’s only 8pm – why are they closed, it’s an unwritten rule that the convenience store is open until 11pm.  Sometimes they’re open all night – but they NEVER close at 8pm.


Why is this so strange?  Part of it is because we’re all motivated by “the self” and all you want is milk… but the other part that’s so strange is that it’s not consistent.

You don’t call or look up hours because convenience stores are just open.

This of your blog or posting schedule the same way.  If you “always” post in the afternoon, but then you miss that deadline and post in the late evening – it’s the equivalent of a closed convenience store.

People want their milk… they don’t want to drive and find the store closed.

Make sure you are open and giving your followers what you expect.

The same goes with content — you need to come up with a consistent message, look, and vibe.  Imagine arriving to the convenience store and the entire case was full of Chocolate milk… rows and rows of chocolate milk.

You need this milk for your cereal… and chocolate milk would be gross!

UGHHH the store is open but chocolate milk is disappointing and confusing you!

Same goes for your blog… If you are a light happy topic generating blog… and throw in a gloomy dark and cryptic post – you’re going to confuse the heck of your readers.


You need to be dedicated and consistent.  You need to be open AND sell what your customers want.  When in doubt, and wondering if you should post it… ask is this a plain milk or a chocolate milk moment?



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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