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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 708 –

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Quote: “Stay patient and trust your journey.”

Tuesday: Content and Consistency


Have you ever wondered why I devote an entire day to “Content and Consistency”?  It’s because you need to utilize both of these skills in tandem.

You must have content


You must have consistency.


Your content needs to be relevant and important to your readers.  You need consistency to build trust with your tribe.

This ties back to yesterday’s post about your need to be a subject matter expert.  The more stature you have in your industry the better your message will have social proof.  The social proof also builds trust.

These are very important factors.

You might ask, why do this?  I mean, as long as you post something now and again, it’s OK, right?  Better than nothing?

It doesn’t exactly work like that… the way you can tell is if you “used to” have an email list and you tried sending something to it, you understand that you’ve send the equivalent of spam… no one remembers you and they wonder why the heck you’re sending them something.

When you make the decision to build a list you need to be “all in” your efforts will be rewarded, but if you hesitate it sure won’t help.  It won’t help because your tribe will miss you, it won’t help because it hurts your efforts, and it won’t help because your goal is to make money.  The sooner you go “all in” the sooner you’ll make money!

So what is this post about?

It’s a content piece for me, but it’s the type of content piece that communicates a message for you. It helps you understand my two pillars of “content and consistency”.  Instead of lecturing, it’s the opportunity to share, my goal is to show you the value of the two together.



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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