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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 623 – Learn How to Feed Your Content Monster

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Quote: “The people who laugh at you today will be inspired by you tomorrow.” Unknown

Tuesday: Content and Consistency


Today I wanted to share another of my favorite posts… this one is to help put content into perspective.  Once you decide to make the consistency jump you’ll realize you created a monster!  The content monster is something that needs to be fed regularly and I thought a re-read of this post would be helpful for us all!


Originally posted 7/15/18


Yesterday we talked about how important it is to position yourself as a leader in your industry so that you can build trust with your followers.  This trust helps to create the momentum of your Infinity Marketing Machine.

Well, that means you’ve got to say something!

And… that’s… where… it gets scary!  AND… that brings us to the second C “content” of our Infinity Marketing Machine.


What the heck do you write about that people will want to read?  My answer… just write.  If you have a daily or weekly blog – your content can eat you alive!  It’s like you create a giant content monster, and he wants to eat!

So… what do you write about?  Just write.  Write from the heart.  Don’t worry that people will want to read it, someone will.  Through the course of your writing (or speaking via podcast) – You’ll make people laugh AND you’ll bore people.  Not every post you create will be exciting and loved.  But the thing is you need to write.

Here’s another little acronym to help you feed your content monster… it’s TIPPO.  Think of it like a hippo, but instead it’s a big fat content monster, TIPPO.


When you worry that you’ve “got nothing” to talk about – think of TIPPO and you’ll realize that you always something to chat it up about!

TIPPO Inspirations…
Timing — these are your “right now” relevant posts — it’s the “We have a birthday to celebrate” – something that tomorrow won’t be relevant!  It’s like people that post firework photos on July 15… or people that post their “Happy New Year” message on January 3rd… timing is everything!

Importance – “There’s a snow storm – don’t park on the street or you’ll get towed… still visit, just park in back” – things that are important to your customers, now.

Proximity – This is something that happens which is close to your business that others will find interesting.  This might be industry news… Fashion Week or a new model car is released.

Prominently – You’ve got a media star visiting your business… could be the Mayor, High School Football Captains, or a Movie Star.  This can even be when your business wins an award!

Oddity – Yes… the weird stuff! You know exactly what this is… you see it show up all the time on your Facebook feed.  For me, in the marina industry, I watched a video from Scandinavia where a crew switch shifts on a ship by having a skid shoved out over an ice flow to a moving freighter ship in a channel… and the dude jumped on.  HE JUMPED ON A MOVING SHIP FROM AN ICE FLOW.

So there you have it – just when you can’t think of one thing to feed the content monster, you have an entire buffet!  You’ll get full, don’t forget to wear stretchy pants!


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