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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #610 – Why I’m Going To Discuss How to Make a Hair Appointment Online.

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Quote: “Always have a plan and stick to it.”

Tuesday: Content and Consistency

The reason you have a plan is not to keep you on track when things go well, it’s for when things go rough.  I mean… if you’re going along “according to plan” you really don’t need the plan… or do you?

Well… pretend that today I chose the topic, “how to schedule a hair appointment using an online program”…

And then I went bullet point by bullet point on how to use a new online system.

This would make absolutely zero sense in context of our Tuesday Topic, “Content and Consistency”.  Although, I made an online hair appointment today, and it was very easy.  But in terms of my crafting an entire post about it is, well, odd.

This is why you need a plan.  You may think, “well teaching, bullet point by bullet point is content, and today’s topic is content, therefore I’ll write about how to create an appointment”

However, if you look at my Content Mission Statement you’ll quickly realize this would be a bad topic choice, for my audience.


What is a Content Mission Statement?  It’s a statement that defines the content you will provide to your audience.  Basically, it is information they strongly desire and you are qualified to share with them.

There are three basic elements…

  1. Identify your core audience
  2. Determine what will be delivered
  3. Discuss how will they benefit

For example:  Empowering women with tips and tricks to stream line their time management skills.

Now… if that was my Content Mission Statement, WOW, my blog post which “bullet point by bullet point” discussed how to make an online hair appointment would make for an amazing content fit!

Get it?

This is what I want you to do today… define your Content Mission Statement to focus every single blog, podcast, post, or tweet you create.  What ever message you craft must receive a great big, “YES” when you ask, “Does this fulfill my Content Mission Statement?”

For the record, a blog post that discusses “how” a post about “how to schedule a hair appointment” does fulfill my Content Mission Statement… Seeeee my title doen’t seem so strange anymore, eh?!?!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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