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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #592 – Do You Have a Hangry Elephant?

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Quote: “Don’t serve rabbit food to an elephant and ask if he’s full”

Tuesday: Content and Consistency


I’m gonna be honest with ya. I’m super unmotivated right now to write a blog post… but guess what… today is “Content and Consistency Day” – so it would be a REALLY bad day not to post, right?!?

So here’s the deal… your blog is a giant elephant and it eats a lot. In fact it loves peanuts.  Do elephants like peanuts?  I know you see them in cartoons eating peanuts, but that seems like a really bad idea.  Hummmmm that was off topic.  So I’ll stick with peanuts.

Alright, your elephant.  It’s hungry. It wants peanuts.

If you start feeding it those crazy little rabbit pellets, it’s going to get hangry.  Now I’m not sure about you, but I do not want to be around an hangry elephant.

Therefore, you’ve got to set up your blog to be “efficient and effective”.

So what the heck does that mean?

YOU’VE committed yourself to bonding with your tribe. So like it or not, you are the “go to” for fun content and information.  This means at some point you’re going to feel like me… right now… re-read the first paragraph.

You will be tired, cranky, and basically hangry – except that I cannot figure out what to have for dinner.  SO I’m also annoyed.  BUT my blog, the elephant, wants to eat more than rabbit food, no pellets, I guess he wants peanuts.

That means you MUST have a peanut file.  A go to of topics that are meaningful that you can look at and say “YES” that’s my topic to write about.

Back up one step…

YOU need a manageable schedule of content creation too.  Consistency is our goal.  If you choose two days a week to post, you stick to two days, your elephant is hungry and you feed him twice a week. Make sure you can handle the feeding schedule.  Me, I’ve got a big fat elephant that eats every day.

So take another step back…

You need a grand umbrella topic to write about.  If you look at the bottom of each post I create you’ll see my “programming guide” just like you do on TV.  When you show up on Tuesday you will find “Content and Consistency” if you show up on Saturday, you’ll find “Try This.”

This greatly helps me feed my elephant.

This is the efficient part of our “effective and efficient” equation.

Therefore, to summarize:

You have adopted an elephant that likes peanuts.  In order to satisfy him, you must feed him regularly, and that involves being efficient by creating a broad umbrella of topics.

  1. Pick your consistency:  (the days you’ll post)
  2. Create a master list of “go to” topics
  3. Create a programming schedule
  4. Recognize it’s OK to feel like “not writing”… as long as you write.



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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