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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #562 – It All Makes Sense AFTER We Go Down The Rabbit’s Hole.

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Quote: “Not everything has a name. Some things lead us into a realm beyond words.”

Tuesday: Content and Consistency


Here we are again! Tuesday and we’re talking about the C’s “C”ontent and “C”onsistency.

So what on earth is content?  Well, keeping the quote in mind, “not everything has a name. Somethings lead us into a realm beyond words.” is the PERFECT quote to define content.

When I say you need to create content on a consistent basis, I’m in general referring to text.  But what else is content… Ready?


Now… I’m certain there are more!  But with written, you have tweets, posts, blogs, and download content.  This continues with Video as recorded, live, slideshows, PowerPoints, Boomerangs, interviews, tutorials. Audio, speaking, stories, soap operas… this goes on and on .

When you say you’ve got nothing to write, you may be right!  Haha get it… right/write… (roll eyes).   But you could have a photo, or spoken something.  Mix it up!

You can repost, too!  It’s always best to create original content, but YES you can repost something that your audience would find interesting.  For example, at our marina, I bet our tribe would LOVE a screenshot of the sunny weather forecast… unless, of course, they’re sitting in a meeting!  However, it’s relevant content we didn’t create.

But here’s the interesting thing about content that really relates to the second half of the quote… we’re going into the “realm beyond words”…


I was chatting with my 14 year old niece the other day.  She’s working on a high school business competition and had a question about the internet marketing.  She has her target for the hypothetical product (which by the way is a million dollar idea).  She knows the target is middle school students.

She automatically thought… Snap Chat and Instagram.  Sure, that’s a great way to garner attention… but it’s not a great content curation plan.

Let’s jump down the rabbit’s hole.  YES, these two platforms are excellent for this age, but they are complete and total “one and done” thinking and we want infinity.

I  mentioned to her that she needs a YouTube Channel. Then I taught her the basic guideline that you might find helpful… and that’s to create your videos, then use Snap Chat and Instagram to lead to YouTube.  This brought us into a chat about how YouTube is the number two search engine and when you put it there it’s always there!  It’s searchable and will drive traffic.

Remember in your situation Instagram/Snapchat might NOT be the best feeders… you have to determine that by demographics.


Let’s go a little further down the hole… and soon it will make sense.

Each platform is starting to mature into it’s ideal use.  They are not all equal.  Let’s do this one example.  We make a video.  But remember earlier I said we have live, recorded, interviews, soap operas, etc… At the same time there is a demographic component to your platform of choice there is also an ideal platform for the format of your video.

Here goes:

Instagram: reality shows
Facebook: Talk show
YourTube: Sitcom / teaching
Podcast: Radio

In my nieces situation, because YouTube is long term and easily searchable, and the programming is something you watch again and again, just like you would watch a favorite sitcom over and over. Regardless of how old it is. It’s a great platform to host her videos.

You see… rarely will you look up an old episode of Oprah thus, it’s really best “in the moment” and that’s Facebook’s specialty, think about it, how far down on your feed do you look?  A day, three days, a month… nope, not a month, that’s old!

And Instagram… that’s your reality show, just look at the crazy things for a minute people do… yikes!

So as I was helping my niece, I hope I helped you.  Pick your medium (written/video/audio) and then merge with the best social platform… is it a “one and done” piece of content or is it an “infinity” content… that will help you decide where to highlight it for the BEST interaction.

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Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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