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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #550 – Tired of Blanket Results? I’m Not!

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QUOTE: “Opportunities are everywhere; in tough or ordinary things of life too!”

Tuesday: Content and Consistency


Happy New Year!  It’s a time of new possibilities and exciting fresh starts… so you know what I’m going to do?

I’m going to take a look back at the last 8 days of 2018… why?  Well, I’m just that kind of person. haha

Nah, I really want to show you how to take something very ordinary and make it into a big opportunity.  Last week on Tuesday, our Content & Consistency day I showed you how I turned a tree into multiple content sources.

Well… here’s the extraordinary part of the tree…

I reused it!  Well… I repurposed it into a New Years Theme with a ball drop.

OK, it’s a little more than that.  What I did over the past 8 days was put my Tribeology Guidelines to the test and orchestrated a special event.  My challenge was this… it’s winter and my site Pontoon Girl is focused on boating.  Sure, some parts of the USA are warm enough to boat… but where I am we have over a foot of ice on the lake.

Yet… my results over 8 days:
101 New Pontoon Girls!
89 trusted me with BOTH email and mailing address
21 NEW installs of the Pontoon Girl App
47 Social Media Shares
A compounded social conversion rate of 459.1%
$110.00 in Sales
Over 100 new follows on Facebook!

The sales were icing on the cake, my goal was to increase my mailing list.  Which I did!  I grew my list by 28.9% in eight days which is incredible… and in this situation it’s a “summer vibe” lifestyle that grew in the middle of the winter!

How did I do it?
I hosted a contest and make it into a special event.  The grand prize was a Pontoon Girl blanket!  However, your skeptical side should say… yes, but these are not loyal followers, they signed up just to enter the contest.

My messaging to attract people to my tribe had the same focus.  I focused on people interested in pontoon boats and I showed them the same love (vibe) they normally receive from me… the “next step” was the contest.  Therefore, I have a healthy list of people who’s first point of entry was simply wanting to join the Pontoon Girl vibe.


Why the Tree and Ball Drop?  This allowed me to make it timely and fun.  It generated excitement.  It also showcased the vibe of ME which as we know when you focus on Tribeology you must become the vibe behind your tribe.

My advice.  Content and Consistency does not need to be boring or ordinary.  When you plan you can take your content to the next level, but always be ready to capture your leads to convert from “one and done” to Infinity!

So moving forward into 2019 and the Boat Show season, I have 100 new people to attract even more Pontoon Girls!


Happy 2019!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

PS:  Like my vibe? I want you to join my tribe!
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