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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 424 – Be a Wish Maker Content Provider.

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“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” Albert Einstein

Tuesday: Content and Consistency

Have you ever looked at your lawn only to see a bunch of dandelions… and you just spent a bunch of time and money spraying weed killer?  Ugh. The total frustration!


Think about a dandelion, it’s easily recognizable, you know you hate it.  But do you remember as a child picking a bouquet of them and putting them in water?  How many times do you remember making a wish and blowing the puffy white seeds into the sky (and your lawn)?  This is one tricky weed.  We hate it, and yet there’s a certain romanticism associated with it.

It sure does have a great story associated with it!

When you create content for your followers, you should think of it like a dandelion, not the weed… but the wish!  You want people to see your article or post as useful.

Sure, children pick the yellow “flowers” but when the “flower” transforms into the wish-maker game, it’s hard to resist, because it’s valuable!

If you woke up today, thought… ugh, I should post something… then got distracted and read my blog (thank you for reading) – NOW you have a purpose to your “post something” problem.

Quit striving to simply be successful in “posting”.  Instead strive to create a post of value.  Tell your followers how to do something, teach them a new “thing”, create an FAQ list, give them a top 3… but do something that they will find valuable.

Today, be the “wish maker” portion of the dandelion!

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