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Episode #406 – The Tiny Costume

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“A strong story about your brand is engaging.”

“OH my goodness we put the cute little costume up on our production board!” -said the costume designer.  My mom wanted to order a custom-made costume for me during my competitive baton twirling days… she and I carefully cut out the pattern we wanted in the perfect shade of royal blue and kelly green.  We then glued it together and sent it to Missouri!  About 6 weeks later the exact costume arrived in the mail… in human size!  It was perfect!  I felt so good wearing it and I won my State title which qualified me for my first National competition.  Two short months, and many many hours of practice later… we arrived at nationals.  Between competitions we stopped at every baton twirling pop-up store along the strip of hotels, that for one week in July, host over 4,000 baton twirlers.  It was soooo hot outside, that dead of summer dry heat with a wind that kicked up the parking lot dirt into your face…  I really didn’t want to go to one more hotel pop-up store… but we climbed the stairs to the upper atrium and there we met Nancy, the designer of my costume.  The woman that took our little cut out costume and made our vision a reality!  It was exciting to meet… and thank her.


We design and create costumes for baton twirlers.  There are 17 different shades of lycra that are carefully sewn into the costume of your dreams.

Both describe the services of the business… but one makes you connect.  One is a story.

This is what you need to strive to do with your customers.  Every time you write you should strive to make a connection!  Look to the emotion of your core message and create a story to help you illustrate your features and benefits.

It’s not easy, but it is effective.  One good idea is to draw upon the personal experiences you have with customers in your business and keep a journal of topics you can write about… later.  Another neat way to accomplish this goal is to ask for testimonials or personal stories your customers can share.

The story I wrote above… did actually happen.  It is my experience I had when I was 13 years old… kind of neat, eh?

PS: I still have that costume… just wish I could still fit in it! haha

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Action Steps

1- Keep a journal!  When you keep a journal of stories of your customer interactions you’ll have great experience to draw from for future posts!
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