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Episode #231 – Create Content to Tell a Story Instead of Storytelling.

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“Good content isn’t about good storytelling.  It’s about telling a true story well.” Ann Handley

Today I attended a conference.  It’s actually a course for becoming a Certified Marina Manager (CMM).  I’ve worked as a manager for over 20 years at our marina, thus, the giggle from our customer when she said, “well if you don’t know how to manage a marina by now…”  Well… although that’s true, the opportunity to learn more from professionals in your industry is a big deal.

The other irony was today’s topic was digital marketing.  It was a great presentation.  The instructor did a fantastic job of teaching. The room had the entire spectrum of novice through advance technical skill in social marketing and other forms of digital marketing.  I learned three “implement now” tactics, and a list of 12 other, “get to them soon” tactics.  Now the fun part of the one tactic, is this… add a social media legal bulletin to your contracts.

Our customers keep their boat on our property and we constantly photograph and post photos and video on our social media feeds.  Well… could someone be upset if their boat or image are in the background?  Yes.  Especially if they are somewhere they shouldn’t be, like skipping work, or with someone they shouldn’t be with… I’ll let you decide what that means.

But the point is, it’s private property so while we can photograph at will, it’s better to put it right in the contract so everyone has a starting point of reference in regard to the policy.

BUT WOW!  I never thought of that.  What an amazing and helpful hint!  This is an excellent idea.  I’m happy I attended and learned from this great resource of information!

Now… what if I just said, hey guys, I learned something new today, make sure to add a social media disclaimer to your contracts.  (OK, some of you would have like the short, sweet and to the point version, hahaha)

Either way, you would have received the relevant information.  The relevant information is to protect your business by making sure to include a digital disclaimer in your document… but which version did you enjoy reading?  Did you enjoy the story which personalized it to my experience.  Did you enjoy that even though I have a great deal of social marketing experience, I’m still learning?!?!

The point is… good content involves telling a story, not storytelling.  Provide relevant information that your audience wants and needs… but package it the same way you would talk with a friend.


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Action Steps
1-  Take one piece of information your audience needs to hear and tell the story that surrounds the information.  Tell the story!
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