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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 859 – The Star of the Show

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Monday: Subject Matter Expert

Quote: “Who is the Star of the Show?”

So who is the star of the show?  Clearly it’s Monday so it’s “Subject Matter Expert Day”… so you think it’s you, right?

UM, it might be…

But the purpose of positioning yourself as a Subject Matter Expert is to allow others to gain trust in your background making you more credible.

For example, I can tell you to use the 5 pillars of the Infinity Marketing Machine, “Credibly, Content, Consistency, Customers, and Cash” and leave it at that… but if I say, I sent out one email and generated $1,800 in sales in two hours… or if I said that a week ago I sent out two emails in 4 days and generated $17,000 in sales, that makes your ears perk up…

However, that doesn’t make me the star.

YOU are the star… (in this case).

What do I mean?

I mean make your customer the star.  In a WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) world you’ve people only care about how something effects them.

That means my above examples are only good in that YOU want to achieve these types of results… right?!?!?


Now, it’s the Christmas season so here’s a little real world present for you.  And I think it’s fun!

Let’s jump back to your tribe member as the “star” in the context of making them a Subject Matter Expert.


How on earth do you do that?

It’s super simple… You can do it by elevating their status.

Everyone loves a loyalty card, VIP group, or even a certificate.  These distinctions in your tribe will give others something to strive for…  And at times it will give them the opportunity to list it on their “resume” as a Subject Matter Expert.


Have you ever attended a conference and paid for VIP access?

Well.. often as such there is an photo opportunity… depending on circumstances, this can be hung in their office, store, or even displayed on their website.


I had the opportunity to meet Gary Vaynerchuk at a VIP event.  And in return I got a photo.

Another way to help your tribe with their credibility and increase yours is to have a certificate… It doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

Here’s how I used this process… I created a “Clean Boater Pledge” program. If you’re a boater – make sure to take the pledge.

It’s a simple “yes” checkbox and when you’re done it emails you a digital certificate to print and display.

But what this does is adds to their credibility!  People that love boating and want to spread the word pledge to environmentally sound boating practices.

My brand PontoonGirl.com has an “army” of followers to help in our mission.  The followers are elevated, and the brand is strengthened.

So as we head into this week of holiday madness, think of how to make the tribe that follows you, “stars”.

At first it might seem like a strange way to build your credibility by making someone else the “star” but creating a way to elevate a tribe member status is a wonderful way to build loyalty and increase your subject matter expertise.



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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