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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 793 – Be the Expert… NOW

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Quote: “Of course I talk to myself at work sometimes I need expert advice”

Monday: Credibility (Subject Matter Expert)


Do you talk to yourself?  It’s OK to admit it — I had someone tell me once that talking to yourself is a sign of intelligence.

With that in mind… dang, I’m brilliant! hahaha

But here’s the deal, where do you go when you’re looking for advice?  Books, YouTube, Google, friends, family… lots of places, right?  When you seek this advice is the the foremost leader in the field for which you ask advice? Probably not… but you’re ok with that because you just want an answer, “now”.


It’s the same thing for your customers!

They come in looking for leadership and advice, your leadership and advice.  This is the fundamental building block of building a tribe.

If you’re apprehensive about publishing content where you position yourself as a subject matter expert in your field, think about the customers you serve.  If you’re willing to help them in a meeting… you can also provide information online and reach an even larger group of people that need your advice!

It’s like this example… back in the day when she had toddlers she was in need of information on potty training.  It was 3am and told me how she paid $5 to download a 7 page guide.   It was worth every penny.

At 3am she had a need for advice and she didn’t want to call anyone at that time of day, but online she was able to find useful information that helped.  The author was not a doctor or teacher… she was better… she was a mom that had potty trained HER kids.

She was the expert my sister needed “now”

This is the expert you are.

There will always be someone that has deeper knowledge or is more “expertity” than you… but YOU are here now… you are the expert now…

Start providing information to help your tribe… now!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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