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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 762 – Give Something Away for Free Because Your Time is Valuable

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Quote: “If you’re good at something, never do it for free”

Monday:  Credibility – Subject Matter Expert


Here’s a funny scenario and you might be guilty of both sides of it.

You bring your car into get fixed and complain about the cost of a repair exclaiming that $150 an hour is outrageous.   Or maybe the same situation but you’re bewildered at an attorney charging $400 an hour.

Remember. You’re not paying for this hour… you’re paying for the 20,000 hours of study, training, tradeoff’s, and EXPERIENCE that the mechanic or attorney have accumulated to that moment.

You might have this internal struggle as you create your own pricing, especially if you creating a handmade product or offering a service.  The struggle comes from when someone complains about your pricing.

But you need to get paid what you are worth… and that doesn’t mean what you’re worth today – but what your experience is from over the years.

NOW… this is the tricky part because when we do email marketing we say create a freemium!  Do work and put it together in a PDF or video and give it for free!

Here’s the deal, it’s not exactly free. You are getting compensated, and I don’t mean with future sales, although that is the goal.  You are getting compensated, it’s just not a currency exchange it’s an email exchange.

The reason I wanted to spend time on this issue is to show it’s value.  You want to create the “freemium” but you haven’t because you’re worried about putting your expertise “out there” for free… don’t get caught up in the “free” part –  yes you are sharing some pretty amazing information – but you are doing this to acquire and grow your tribe.

Remember building credibility among your customers is a great way to improve loyalty and transform them into a strong tribe.

That means… today you should create your freemium and get it out there for your future tribe members to learn from your expertise!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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