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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 682 – Celebrate Your Imperfect Perfection

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Quote: “What if we told you the walls in your life are actually imaginary.”

Monday: Subject Matter Expert


The most amazing thing you can give your tribe is yourself.  The truest most approachable down to earth imperfect perfection you’ve got!

And then I say you need to position yourself as a Subject Matter Expert… and you are confused.

How can you be an expert and at the same time be imperfect.

Well… this is the wonderful aspect of a Subject Matter Expert!  You don’t have to have a professional degree to be you.  You and your experience are “just enough” for your tribe, especially when you bring in other experts to enhance your knowledge.

Think about it like this… I’m in a Facebook group that discusses business tactics.  The moderator regularly brings in “live” special events… two that I’m remembering off my head are an attorney and an Instagram expert.

The moderator is not the expert, but she has rallied a tribe that needs HER connections.  She goes out of her way to find out what her tribe needs and provide it, therefore she IS the perfect imperfect small business Subject Matter Expert.

Get it?

My cousin has a yoga studio, but she regularly brings in experts to enhance the wellness teachings whether it’s meditation or energy work.  She has a tribe but regularly brings in other experts to enhance her imperfect perfection (she’ll laugh and just say she’s imperfect) but she really goes out of her way to continually elevate HER Subject Matter Expert status.

You can do this too.

When you’re out of your element, bring in another expert to write the PDF, Create the post, host the live, or interview for your podcast.

It’s OK to know where your knowledge needs more… and then give it to your tribe – they won’t leave you, in fact… they’ll stick around even longer.  It’s part of that “one stop” things we all love!

Get out there and be the Perfect Imperfect Subject Matter Expert



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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