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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 597 – Eat Problems for Breakfast

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Quote:  “Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.” – Alfred A. Montapert

Monday: Subject Matter Expert


Are you hungry?  Get ready to eat some problems! YUMMMMM

These are good problems we get to eat!

Nope, they’re not the “good” problems of being too busy or having too much money to spend, they’re the problems of our customers.

Now here’s a fun mind bender.  I’m taking about 4 online marketing courses right now… they are fantastic with lots of different perspectives and I thought this one would be perfect for Subject Matter Expert day.

After all, the goal of Subject Matter Expert Day is to position ourselves as the “go to” for potential customers so they begin the process to “know, like and trust” us.

Well, let’s try the mind bender on for a minute.

What if I said, customers don’t care that you are an expert… they’re just looking for solutions to THEIR problem.


That’s a completely different way of looking at the entire customer relationship!  You are simply to be concerned with their problem.  Now, this does not mean you get to forget about the entire positioning of yourself as an expert.

It’s just that you may be concerned with not having the “expertise” that a customer is looking for… for example, you fear that you do not have a degree on a wall.  Well, guess what butter cup, if you have the solution to someone’s problem – they want YOU!

Think about it… You may not have a degree in child development, but… if you have the solution to potty training and at 3 in the morning you have a list of FAQ’s you’ve answered or even offer a download for the top 5 tips to successful potty training, NO ONE cares if you have a formal degree… they just want to quit changing diapers or washing sheets and other accidents.

SO on this Subject Matter Expert day, make sure to continue to seek the ways to be the authority within your industry, just understand the only thing that matters to your customer is that you have the solution to their problem!

Here is the key to your future success:  EAT PROBLEMS.  EAT LOTS OF PROBLEMS FOR BREAKFAST!




Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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