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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode #507 – What Does Driving a Barge Have To Do With Your Content Marketing Plan?

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“Content marketing is great for SEO but also for building credibility.”

Monday: Credibility (Subject Matter Expert)

Today the inspiration talks about content marketing and how it’s great for SEO – but the at the end we get a hook on “building credibility”.

Let’s chat about Credibility.   I pick Mondays because I like to ease into the week by talking about ourselves!  haha  Sometimes that’s hard.

Here’s the deal.

The sooner you get out of your own way, the better!  And I’m going to use a real world example from last week.

The bulk of my “real world” experience comes from our family marina.  Well… last week my dad had a full knee replacement.  I know, ouch.  He’s doing well.  But while he’s recovering, I’m the point person for all things going on at the marina.

It’s now November, in Minnesota, and should be “calm”.  We just got all of the boats out and we’re waiting for the lake to freeze.   On Halloween we closed the gas dock for the summer, just over 10 days ago.

Historically the lake freezes mid to lake November, usually around Thanksgiving, two years ago it was the day before Christmas, but that was really late.

OK, so imagine my surprise when the owner of the barge company came in last week on Tuesday and said he needs to bring the barge over on Thursday or Friday because the lake is going to freeze by the end of the week!

The original plan was to bring it over at Thanksgiving.

But this meant we needed to get part of the dock pulled in preparation for the barge.

Again, at this point 6 days earlier we were still pumping gas, now I’m being told the lake is going to freeze.


This is why you need to be an expert and you need to rely on experts!

This seemed so out of the realm of possibilities to me, then again, we do not measure lake temperature.  They do.

I needed to stop. Think. Process. AND realize, they’re the expert.

Now… look at these two photos.

Thursday Afternoon – water!

Saturday Morning – ice!  #experts

Do you have this expert status command with your clients?  When you speak, will they do what I did with the barge company…?

Will your customers:
AND realize that you are an expert?

This is why you need to position yourself ONLINE as a subject matter expert in your field.  You need to become the “go to” person/expert/business!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Week in Review”!
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