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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 465 – Important to Remember

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Being an “expert” today does not guarantee your mastery tomorrow.”

Monday: Character

Today’s inspiration is a little depressing, isn’t it?  Just because you’re an expert today doesn’t mean you’ll be a master tomorrow!

You’ve got to keep up with your skills.

Think about it.

How useful is it to know how to use a rotary phone?  (I just saw a meme with some teenage boys trying to operate a phone) How about a Polaroid camera?  I took a photo of two crew members with a Polaroid… it was hilarious, they had shocked faces with the flash, and giggled watching the photo come to life.  Me… it was crazy to think that this was the first time they every saw this technology.

What other skills do you have that are outdated?  Next question… how closely related are these to your current business?

Let me give you another example… I was surfing a site centered around technology for schools.  Again, technology for schools.  They’re site was not even responsive for mobile!  It makes me wonder if the site is a fraud.  It could be the best product in the world but something directly related to the core function of the business, that is technology, is not “top notch”.

It is like when an overweight doctor tells you that you need to lose weight.

You really need to be careful that in your area of expertise you are representing your brand, well!  If you are a financial planner with a conservative investment philosophy, you should not drive a Bentley.  Now, if you are top notch attorney your brand might be supported by a Bentley.

I’ll tell you this… a couple years ago I needed to go into the city, a.k.a., drive to downtown Minneapolis.  There I was walking through the City Center building and I felt out of place!  I felt as out of place as when my customers show up in full suits.  I was wearing khaki shorts and a Nautica windbreaker!  Not exactly “downtown” clothes.

I’m mentioning this because you need to be aware of your branding, all the time.  This includes the brand that is you!  Each thing you do helps or hurts your brand.  Things like “old” certifications on your wall.   Sure, social proof is created by hanging a certificate on your wall… but do people really need to know you’re certified in Windows 3.0?

So don’t just keep up with your education and skills via conferences, seminars, and classes — but keep up with your social proof by having current certificates on your walls and online.  It’s easy to forget BUT soooooo important to remember!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Content and Consistency”!
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