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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 435 – Stay Current

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“What’s new today will be old tomorrow. The only constant is change”

Monday: Subject Matter Expert

What the heck is the purpose of “Subject Matter Expert” Day?

It’s simple. People want to do business with people.  They don’t want to do business with phones, websites, or pamphlets.  These are your tools.  But the key is YOU.

You must earn credibility for a person to work with you!

Now… sometimes this is ONLY done via the text on a webpage.  You can make an entire sale based on the information you provide.

But something magical happened when you provided that information.  The magical something is that you earned trust based on your words OR on another part of your site.

Maybe you included an “About Me” section that someone read and learned about you.  Or maybe they did a search for you on Linked In and found your profile.

Now… behind the scenes your credibility is based on your ability to keep up with the times.  What I mean by this is the message you provide.

For example, when you look at your site do you see a 10 year old car or a new car?  How about that photo you included to say “call us” and it’s a flip phone or worse… a BlackBerry!

It was funny my husband showed me a photo of an ad from Amtrak.  Great ad that conveyed their train engine is robust, but it’s the experience it provides the riders via memories that is the real benefit… but when I was shown the ad, which was cool, he said it’s got to be old it’s a 10 year old car in the ad!

Either they took the photo and didn’t notice the car OR it was a fancy car, 10 years ago…

That’s why it’s just as important to your Subject Matter Expertise to stay current with your visuals on your pamphlets or website as it is to keep up with your education and credentials.  If either is stale, it’s a reflection on YOU!

Just like our inspiration says, “What’s new today will be old tomorrow. The only constant is change.”

So take a moment today to do a reality check and see if you’re outdated!

Tomorrow come back for this week’s episode on “Content and Consistency”!
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