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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 417 – Your Brain is Hungry!

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“If you’re not feeding your mind, you’re falling behind.”

Monday: Subject Matter Expert

Look at the colors in that photo!  I thought it was pretty and it works well with today’s inspiration I mean what’s better than playing with food…

So let’s talk about feeding our mind.

You need to regularly challenge your mind and expand your knowledge base.  It’s important, not just for your subject matter expert status, but also for your own personal growth!

As a part of the Infinity Marketing Machine you really need to concentrate on the “Character” aspect of your persona. People need to trust you, this is done best when you are a leader in your industry.  Trust builds character.

But how do you build this trust?

I say you can do this by sharing, whether its a blog or podcast – but you know what… you also have to feed your mind and constantly expand your comfort zone.  It might be by regularly reading trade magazines.  You could expand knowledge by attending conferences.  But you can also do it by taking an online course!

I did this last week and I completed a course.  Now I am a certified Business and Entrepreneurship Coach!

It was a great course full of lots and lots of lectures.  I learned so much that will help me in creating new content for this blog. I can’t wait to share it… and challenge you!  OH, there are a few exciting things coming up… stay tuned!

But seriously.  The business of education online is huge… and I’m not referring to college courses.  I’m talking about learning via your peers… I mean lots of people that have created educational programs.  You can learn almost anything!

Well, now it’s your turn!  I did it.

Oh wait… a good coach would ask this different… let’s see… “Imagine your life after completing that online course you want to take, how IS your life different from today?”

Seeeee…. knowledge helps!  Go feed your mind, your brain is hungry!

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