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Episode #375 – Quick Tip to Make it a Daily Learning a Habit!

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“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” – John Wooden

I’m all done learning.  That’s it. No more!

Could you imagine if you operated that way… well, maybe you do!  You finished high school and that was it.  I highly doubt it.  There are so many ways to learn.

Today I just want to address the importance of constantly expanding your knowledge!

The first thing that comes to mind is formal education. But, that’s not what I’m talking about.  I’m referring to the education related to your business/industry/field that positions yourself as a Subject Matter Expert.

It’s easy to “keep up”, start with reading!  Whether it’s a latest book or trade magazine.  These two options will inform you of trends in the industry.

Trade shows with educational seminars is another great way to keep up with the latest improvements in your industry.  Seminars that are taught by your peers are fantastic! There are also seminars that teach a skill whether it’s social media or printing techniques.

Certification programs within your industry also teach you great skills.  You’ll meet industry leaders and gain credibility to share with your customers.

Finally, another fantastic source are the online information courses, one of my favorites is Udemy.  Check it out… you can search for anything!  If you’re having trouble with one aspect of social media, you can search for just that… like Facebook Ads or placing Google ads.  In an hour, get your knowledge expanded.

What does this have to do with Subject Matter Expertise? Well… it might not directly position yourself in your industry, but it will make your profile found!  haha

Never stop learning!  Everyday read and explore your industry websites!  Keep up on the newest trends.   The best tip is to use social media to your advantage.  Pick your favorite platform; Facebook, Linked In, Twitter… use one and visit your top 5 industry leader sources whether it’s a factory, competitor, or magazine… join their feed.  Everyday check their information!  It’s an easy way to stay up to date!

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Action Steps
1- Go on Facebook and find your 5 major industry pages… join them.  Check every day to see what they are doing.  This is really simple to do in Twitter by setting up a group — that way you’re creating an alert file!
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